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Humble Arts Foundation: The Collectors Guide To Emerging Art Photography

Posted in books, photographers by Corey Presha on January 29, 2009


The Collector’s Guide is an invite only, unique 180–page source book distributed to collectors, art dealers, gallery directors, photo editors, museum professionals, and independent curators. Published biennially, The Collector’s Guide aims to further Humble’s mission by bridging the gap between ambitious early-career photographers and often-unapproachable photography professionals and art institutions.

Ideally, the 163 photographers featured in this publication will move on to find their work in private collections, represented by reputable galleries and included in group exhibitions. The Collector’s Guide will also serve as a resource for photo editors, helping to attract assignments to featured photographers.

The Collector’s Guide is not a traditional consumer-based art photography book. Instead, this source book is a complimentary guide for collectors and photography industry professionals.

– I recieved my copy of the Humble Arts Foundation’s new source book for emerging art photographers and I must say I’m blown away by the presentation of it all. Since its inception in 2005 Humble Arts has been working hard to help further the careers of emerging talent in the fine art photography world and the Collectors Guide seems to be the peak of all their hard work. Curated by Alana Celli, Jon Feinstein, and Grant Willing the book brings together the work of photographers who’s work they feel should be in the hands of gallery owners, photo editors, and other industry professionals. I think this book could lead to big things for a lot of the people involved. It’s really amazing how much Humble Arts is doing to help the careers of other photographers, whether it is their monthly solo and group shows on their website, the limited edition prints that they sell and promote through the site and mailing list, or this book, everything is put together with such care for the artists involved. In an art world where almost more than ever its become every man for himself, it is great to see a group put so much effort into other peoples work. Although most of the books are being sent out to people throughout the art world there will be a limited number available for sale, well worth the $50. Find out more information on the Humble Arts site here.


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