Eyes of Artists

Bart Julius Peters

Posted in photographers by Corey Presha on February 4, 2009

– For a while now I feel like I have been looking at almost strictly color work, but recently I have fallen in love with black and white photography all over again. I came across Bart Julius Peters’ work in a back issue of Foam Magazine, and really loved what I saw. Like Jacob Aue Sobol, who I wrote about a few posts down, Julius Peters’ photographs are very grainy, but it is used in a complete different way.

Bart Julius Peters – is a cosmopolitan photographer, travelling around the world, documenting beautiful images. The photographs of Peters are often described as timeless and nostalgic. Their grainy black-and-white appearance, with a wide range of grey tones in between, makes the prints look older than they are. By photographing people who today exhibit a primarily traditional reactionary lifestyle alongside those from the world of art, fashion, and advertising with a broader mindset about homosexuality, for instance, the photographer portrays decadence more probingly than even he may realize.


© Bart Julius Peters
See more of his work here.

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