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Celine Clanet

Posted in photographers by Corey Presha on February 5, 2009

– Celine Clanet’s series Máze is absolutely stunning. I first saw her work on the Humble Arts site, when they posted work from this series in their solo show. In the series Clanet shows us through the peering eyes of both human and animal the heart of the arctic community she is portraying. Also be sure to check out her other projects.

I have lived several months in Máze. There I met quiet people, sometimes melancholic, captivating, very proud of their village and territory, proud of these landscapes they are constantly gazing at with binoculars they never separate from, even at home. I have discovered this unknown european Arctic, this surprising indigenious people that most of us don’t know, or superficially associate with Santa Claus, Inuit people or igloos. I have seen ravages of cultural integration, this soft genocide that wears out spirits and floods souls with alcohol or self negation. I have pictured people, houses, territory and reindeers that should not be here today, flooded with waters. Finally, I have tasted Ante’s and Ole-Ailo’s season, when days get longer and temperatures get milder. The perfect moment, when time doesn’t exist anymore and night is gone, the moment when they immerse in this stroll that is so characteristic of them : fishing through an ice hole in Suolojavri lake, or riding the snøscooter in the tundra. And all these hours spendt with friends, family, out on a reindeer skin, in a hytte or under a lávvu, talking, joiking, or layed down doing nothing, saying nothing. Just being.


© Celine Clanet
See more of her work here.

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