Eyes of Artists

Jake Longstreth

Posted in painters by Corey Presha on February 22, 2009

– I’m pretty out of touch with other parts of the art world other than photography and it is always nice to find an artists working in another medium who’s work I really enjoy. I found Jake Longstreth’s paintings via Rubin Recommends and I fell in love. Longstreth’s realist style reminds of my favorite painter Edward Hopper, though slightly more abstract. Each painting looks like a really great photograph.

The abstraction in a Longstreth picture such as “Sonoma”(2008) seems to both evoke and to result from thin, milky daylight that in Longstreth’s work seens to symbolize depletion of attention, almost as a precursor to a depletion of the real.

Where most photo-based realism, such as that of Richard Estes, implicity describes a sort of heightened alertness to detail, Longstreth’s hints at the bleak possibility of never full coming awake.


© Jake Longstreth
See more work here


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