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Young Governor – Virginia Creeper 7″

Posted in music by Corey Presha on April 6, 2009



YOUNG GOVERNOR is Ben Cook (formerly of NO WARNING and VIOLENT MINDS), one-third of FUCKED UP’s guitar ensemble, and this is his debut solo record. The epitome of a workhorse, Ben has his hands full writing and recording for at least a half-dozen projects these days, including MARVELOUS DARLINGS, a crew of criminally underrated power-poppers, and the BITTERS, a band whose name you’ll recognize the next time you hear it bandied about, guaranteed. “Virginia Creeper” and “I’m a Mess” were laid down by the Governor at East End Reclusives, in Toronto, Canada, a dumpy practice space responsible for an impressive amount of recorded work in recent years. Although more pop-infused than the hardcore stylings of Ben’s present/past, Young Governor solo is arguably as raw and unpredictable as anything he’s done, if not more so. The needle-pegged, hyperactive pop of “Virginia Creeper” and “I’m a Mess” offer a glimpse of the Governor’s 2009 agenda, and frankly, teasers don’t get any better than this.


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  1. daniel shea said, on April 6, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    This record is fucking awesome. I love Ben Cook. No Warning, Fucked up, Marvelous Darlings, and now this, it doesn’t get much better.

    Have you seen his personal blog, it’s hilarious: http://noguvnoluv.blogspot.com/

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