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Todd Deutsch

Posted in books, photographers by Corey Presha on April 9, 2009

– Todd Deutsch’s Family Days series is a really true portrait of life with small children. Through the photos you see the love of family and also the true insanity of it all. Deutsch shows all of this through intimate family moments such as a lost tooth, a bath, or simply playing in the backyard. He also just released a book of the images, you can get more information on that here.

Family Days takes place in the middle of a minor madhouse in the upper midwest. It is an autobiographical project based on family, fatherhood, and young sons. The photographs describe the fatigue and tension that develop when the arrival of my third son upsets an already fragile domestic peace. Constant activity, endless jockeying for attention, and a rising testosterone level spin us closer to the edge of physical and psychological exhaustion. Set in common centers of family life: the kitchen, living room, backyard, and bedroom- these photographs reflect the craziness in our lives as the house is taken over by three boys.


© Todd Deutsch
See more work here.


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