Eyes of Artists

Mona Simon

Posted in photographers by Corey Presha on April 11, 2009

– Mona Simon’s series Transylvania – A Place We Once Called Home is stunning.

Transylvania in German called Siebenbürgen has always been a place where different ethnical groups lived next to each other, while keeping their own language and culture. During the last 800 Years Hungarians, Romanians, Germans and Gypsies created own villages, own churches and cemeteries. After the Romanian Communism collapsed 1990 nearly 90% of the German minority called the Transylvanian Saxons, immigrated “back” to their old motherland Germany, without considering that they would loose their unique culture, language and identity.

As a documentary photographer I want to show stories life has written. Observing the world through my camera allows me to be aware of the beauty of things even if they are cruel at the same time.
Our daily life is overfilled with information, coloured images, on screens, panels, wallpapers as a result of this, the most of us are tired to absorb the content. Photography though shows a moment in time, a moment to think about. I want to touch people’s feelings and make them be aware without shocking or reproaching them, I hope to motivate them to look closer rather then away.


© Mona Simon
See more work here.


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