Eyes of Artists

Brandon Hale Holmes

Posted in photographers by Corey Presha on May 4, 2009

– Brandon Hale Holmes has some beautiful projects on his website. I especially like his series 97 Days in Egypt. He also runs a blog which you check out here.

Sometimes something stirs in you and says it’s time to leave. Your mind drifts and begins to think of other places, another life, a different way. So you say to yourself one day, “I am leaving.” Once you have made this commitment things begin falling into place and then sometime later you wake up in a new bed and the world outside your window is different from the one you left behind. But as days pass and turn into weeks, and then months, you realize it is only the surface that has changed. As the world presses on in its search for a better quality of life, one that is defined by material acquisition and status, the surface grows more familiar even in lands once distant and foreign to the imagination. As people migrate across the globe for work or play, they leave behind an imprint. As the weight of this migration grows, so does the imprint. Yet under this weight, something yearns to remain unchanged. This call stands out everywhere one looks despite what is rising up around it. These images are an examination of this complex phenomenon in a country where ancient history is exchanged for fast dollars and the promise of Westernized modernization is idealized and actualized by a few.


© Brandon Hale Holmes
See more work here.


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