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Zoe Strauss I-95

Posted in photographers, shows by Corey Presha on May 5, 2009

© Zoe Strauss

– Unfortunately my hot water heater broke in my house on Sunday morning causing my room to get completely flooded and I wasn’t able to make it to Zoe Strauss’ I-95 show in Philly. But luckily my good friend Anita Totha from Yossi Milo Gallery was there and she just emailed me this review of the show.

Sunday, May 2nd marked the 9th annual outdoor display of photographs by Zoe Strauss, underneath a portion of the I-95 in South Philly. Despite the pouring rain, I was one of hundreds who attended the exhibition from 1-4pm. Many people, families and art-lovers passed throught the installation to view the 231 digital prints adhered to the pillars of the underpass. Walking from pillar to pillar, you were able to view Strauss’ incredibly strong images, some of which were from her recently published book “America.” What was great about this show was that once the exhibition was over, you were encouraged to take an image of choice off the pillars, making it an interactive exhibit in which you were able to leave with a memento of this exciting exhibition. I happened to come home with a favorite of mine of the two escalades parked outside a house in Philly. If you did not have a chance to attend this year, plan on it for 2010, the last year Strauss is planning for the outdoor exhibition.


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