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Unframed Portraits; The Self and Others

Posted in personal, photographers, shows by Corey Presha on May 26, 2009

© Monica L. Shulman

– I will be showing some work in a group show at Broadway Gallery in the exhibition titled Unframed Portraits; The Self and Others curated by Nick Taucher. The show will be going up on June 1st and will be on display till the 15th. Please join us at the opening reception on Friday June 5th from 6-8pm.

Participating artists: Corey Presha, Elliott de Cesare, Fred Lee, Virginia Bouzakis, Eric Kaczmarczyk, Signe Pierce, Cory Gerard-Little, Valeriya Volkova, and Monica L. Shulman

Unframed Portraits presents a range of artists whose works explore unconventional depictions of the portrait. Deconstructing typical notions of what art history and contemporary society see as portraiture, Unframed Portraits investigates all aspects of portraiture from domestic documentation and archive to the exploration of the self. Elegant and elusive, the exhibition embraces the ambiguity in life, death, and art; often translating the tension between universal human frailty and the totemic qualities of the human image that are central to visual art. Unframed Portraits captures the notion that identity is perhaps something more internal, more ephemeral, and more personal that what the eye may grasp on first glance.

Uniting the works in this exhibition of emerging New York artists is the influence of photography and illustration on contemporary art and culture. These two mediums have both had to fight for acceptance in the art world, and continue to do so in some circles. But whatever legitimacy they may still lack in the world of galleries, museums, and private collections they have more than made up for with an infusion of material into society-at-large that painting and sculpture could never hope to attain.


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