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Brian Ulrich – Thrift and Dark Stores Opening

Posted in photographers, shows by Corey Presha on May 28, 2009

© Brian Ulrich
– Wish I could make it out to the opening of Brian Ulrich’s new show Thrift and Dark Stores at Julie Saul Gallery tonight but I’m stuck here at work. The show looks like it will be fantastic and I will definitely be going in the coming weeks. If your in New York this is one not to miss. Brian is also guest blogging on Aperture’s blog Exposures.

Opens May 28 6 – 8pm
May 28 – July 3, 2009
Julie Saul Gallery
535 West 22 Street
New York, NY 10011

In contrast to the neatly stacked shelves and the K-Marts full of little girls plastic fantasies in his previous exhibition, in this show Ulrich reveals the chaotic ass-end of capitalism, the thrift shops “last-stop repositories,” Julie Saul calls them, and consumerism’s tombstones of defunct, ghost-box stores, devoid of fantasy, glamour, and customers. …Historically speaking, the work is far more ambitious than a mere catalogue of catastrophe. Remarks Saul, Ulrich chronicles a profoundly seismic shift within society and implicitly asks the question, where do we go from here?….We can’t say he didn’t warn us, but given the toxic fallout from recent excesses of consumer capitalism, this may be the opposite of disaster gazing. Ulrichs prescient image captures not merely the end of an era but the beginning of a new one, based on a realistic relationship to the things we make. – Lyle Rexer, Photograph Magazine


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