Eyes of Artists

Erika Larsen

Posted in photographers by Corey Presha on June 17, 2009

– Erika Larsen’s new project Sami, The People was just posted on the Women in Photography website and it is absolutely stunning. She just received the first ever WIP – Lightside Individual Project Grant for the project which will allow her to finish her work on the indigenous people living in the Arctic Circle region of northern Scandinavia.

I have come on a search to understand the primal drive of the modern hunter by taking an inclusive look at an original hunter-gatherer society. I have come to see if when the land speaks there are those that can interpret its language. I have come in search of silence so that I could begin to hear again.

I will spend the next year exploring the Sámi’s symbiotic relationship with the environment. They are the only people who can own and sell wildlife in Scandinavia. By possessing a livelihood that is dependent on their surroundings the Sami are acutely aware of the changes in nature. They have managed to survive in extreme climatic circumstances for ages. I believe that through exploring this culture I will better understand our role as stewards of the earth.


© Erika Larsen
See more work here.

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