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Michael Mazzeo Gallery: RSVP

Posted in shows by Corey Presha on July 13, 2009


Michael Mazzeo Gallery just announced a great new opportunity for emerging artists in the new online group show RSVP. The first show will be called Arbor, a show about trees. As Michael explains, “Lately, it seems, many photographers have been working in the presence of trees, and due to their efforts, many wonderful images have been created. For this inaugural RSVP exhibition, we’re inviting artists to submit their extraordinary images of trees.” So go to the RSVP page and submit now!

RSVP is the title of a new program of curated, online exhibitions which will premier on the gallery website later this month. By way of call and response initiated on this blog, artists will be invited to submit one image to be considered for inclusion in a specified exhibition.
These thematic group shows will offer artists an exceptional opportunity for exposure and sales. RSVP exhibitions will be handled in the same professional and enthusiastic manner as the gallery’s on-site exhibitions, with advertising and sales efforts, on-demand printed catalogs and gallery support.
It is important to note that this is not a pay-to-play program and the exhibitions are not “competitions”.
There is no charge for entries.
There is no charge for inclusion in exhibitions.
There is no charge for inclusion in exhibition catalogs.


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