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Daniel Shea Print Sale

Posted in photographers by Corey Presha on August 14, 2009

© Daniel Shea
– Daniel Shea is having a print sale to help support his new project, a continuation of his series Removing Mountains. The prices are amazing and actually on a sliding scale, can’t wait to pick up a couple for my own collection. Support a great artist and all around good dude. Find the full details here.

In an effort to reach out to the art community for support (financial and otherwise), I have created a new edition size for select images from Removing Mountains. 100% of the money generated from the sale of these prints will go towards the first leg of a trip to Southern Ohio in the first weeks of September, 2009.

My next long term project, an extension of my explorations of the coal industry and the Appalachian region, will take place in the Ohio River Valley. In September of 2007, I traveled to Ohio to investigate coal-fired power plants. Expecting similarities to West Virginia, I found an entirely different force at work. The threads that connect mountaintop removal/coal extraction to the burning and energy transformation of the fossil fuel were only linear. At that point I realized that making work about this region would be a necessary and complete follow up to Removing Mountains.

The print sale will support the first visit to the region, after which I plan on working with a few magazines that have shown interest in producing a story about coal burning in this region. With a new administration and a shifting public conscious, I feel very strongly about creating work that is topically relevant and socially engaged. Much like Removing Mountains, I’m interested in providing an alternative to modern photojournalism, and presenting a more involved look into the communities in this region.

The print sale will feature three options:

OPTION 1: A new editioned size from Removing Mountains. 11″x13″ prints – $50-75

OPTION 2: An uneditioned 8″x10″ print from any body of work – $15-25

OPTION 3: Existing framed and non-framed print editions – 50% off the next #/15 in the edition

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