Eyes of Artists

Wayne Liu

Posted in photographers by Corey Presha on August 25, 2009

– I found Wayne Liu’s work in the Fjord Artists Space and really enjoy is high contrast black and white photos of urban China.

My photographs explore the relationship between urban environments and the individuals that inhabit these spaces. This body of work comes from my one-month visit to China in Oct. 2007, where mass rural-to-urban migration has snowballed into dramatic changes for its cities. What was once a state controlled political system now caters to the liberal flow of capital exchange. I have tried to document these transitions by exploring the psychological effects as I understand them by pointing my lens on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai.

Staying in China for me was mixed with familiarity and surprise. These images are incomplete. I am a silent voyeur on the surface of a mass historic change, a phenomenon that perhaps only an audience can bring awareness to. I use out-dated photo paper and print in high contrast to create a feel that parallels the historic remnants and ongoing transformation of a society awakening to a mixture of dreams and nightmares. In these ambiguous fields shall my studies further dwell.


© Wayne Liu
See more work here.


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