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New Releases from Gottlund Verlag

Posted in books, photographers by Corey Presha on September 12, 2009

– The small publishing company Gottlund Verlag, who brought you Coley Brown’s Jam, Jelly, Honey, Wild Rice, Andrew Laumann’s New Messages, and Nicholas Gottlund’s Wild Prayer, some of my favorite books from last year, have a very exciting lineup of releases for the fall. The three new books, all with an October 1st release date, look fantastic and I can’t wait to get copies of each. Find more detailes here.

Peter Sutherland – Even in the End

Peter Sutherland and Gottlund Verlag are excited to announce a new collaboration in print – Even in the End. A slim edition of black and white images printed by hand from photo engraved copperplates.

Henry Roy – Spirit

Spirit is as subtle and intangible as a breath of air.
It is an energy circulating between beings and things.
It travels with light, winds, clouds or waves, it penetrates in stones, plants and animals.
It affects humans, seizing control of their bodies, whose sentiments and sensuality he reveals.
It manifests itself at the boundaries of the visible, in a dimension where only imagination can penetrate.

– Henry Roy, Paris 2009

Matt Papich and Joe Williams – Repurpose

Repurpose is a collection of photographs by the friends and musicians Matt Papich of Ecstatic Sunshine and Joe Williams of White Williams. Their photos would most accurately be described as snapshots. Quiet and attentive, the images often draw attention to a quirk or peculiarity of objecthood.


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