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Tim Barber

Posted in books, photographers by Corey Presha on September 20, 2009

– Tim Barber, operator of Tiny Vices and TV Books, just updated his website with a lot of new work, my favorite being his series Mystic Heather & Virgin Snow. TV Books recently put the project out in book form and I can’t wait to pick up a copy, also be sure to check out TV books newest release Gutter, a comic anthology edited by Victor Kerlow.

I was asked to do a portrait series of Julia by some friends who own a hair salon in Tokyo. We took a trip up to shoot in Western Massachusetts and stayed in a old barn on a lake, then came back to the city and ran all around town shooting photos and exploring. We went to the zoo, hung out with the yarn couple and their cat in Central Park, and got cheeseburgers at the secret burger place in the Parker Meridien. The craziest spot we ended up at was the rooftop of a 90-story building on the edge of the park. It was a perfect blue day. I named the photo series Mystic Heather and Virgin Snow after the Manic Panic colors that we mixed together to get Julia’s hair that amazing purple.


© Tim Barber
See more work here.


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