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Erica Allen at Melanie Flood Projects (Update)

Posted in photographers, shows by Corey Presha on November 10, 2009

© Erica Allen
Melanie Flood emailed again today to let me know that the Erica Allen show for her series Untitled Gentelmen is back on and will be opening this Wednesday Nov. 11 from 6 to 9pm (RSVP required). In her email she also let everyone know the sad news that this will be the last show at her great space in Brooklyn. Over the past year Melanie has put on three of my favorite shows (Bradley Peters, Mikael Kennedy, and Grace Kim) and by letting people into her own home created an amazing space for talented emerging artists to show their work. I was actually a little heart broken when she told me the news the last time I was at her place. But she did promise new projects coming up in the near future, one of which she told me about and I am very excited for! So make it out for what promises to be a great night of photography.

Untitled Gentelmen is a series of fictional portraits created using discarded studio photographs and anonymous faces from contemporary barbershop hairstyle posters. Existing between the real and the artificial, these composite images aim to investigate the assumptions and projected meanings with which viewers read images.

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