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Liz Kuball

Posted in photographers by Corey Presha on November 10, 2009

– I’ve been corresponding with photographer Liz Kuball through emails for the last couple of days since she bought one of my photos through my print sale and thought I’d share some images from her wonderful series California Vernacular. Liz also has two 20×200 editions that are still available, take a look here.

When you move to California from back east, you come for a reason: Your leaving behind a bad relationship, or escaping your hometown, or thinking you’ll be a star. And what you find when you get here is that things aren’t what you thought they’d be. Theres some of what you expected – sunshine and palm trees and long, wide beaches. But theres more: house with cacti and succulents inplace of the green lawns you grew up with; women in bikinis climbing ladders; trees groomed in an archway, the expected path between them blocked by a gateless chainlink-fence. You answer an ad on craigslist for a used car and find yourself in a boxed-in car lot in Van Nuys and go for pie at Du-par’s afterward, because pie makes sense when your on Venturea Boulevard and its 95 degrees and the car wasn’t what the ad said it would be. And you’d think, after all this, you’d become disillusioned and go back home, and some do, of course, but many of us stay and instead of growing bitter, we hang on – hang on to a world, that to us, is even more fantastic than the one we though we’d find, because its real in its absurdity and because we have stories to tell.


© Liz Kuball
See more work here.


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  1. JakeT said, on December 8, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Really like the photo of the palm tree reflected in the puddle – took me a second or two to work out what was going on!

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