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A Few Shows Not To Miss In NY

Posted in photographers, shows by Corey Presha on February 8, 2010

Robert Adams Summer Nights, Walking @ Matthew Marks Gallery
– I finally got a copy of the new pressing of Summer Nights, Walking and it is one of my favorite books, can’t wait to get a chance to see the exhibit.

Timothy Briner Boonville @ Daniel Cooney Fine Art
– Tim Briner’s show is absolutely beautiful, he put a ton of work into it and it paid off. Vince Aletti said it best “an exhibition that begs to be expanded into a book”, glad I have one of the twenty copies that Tim printed before the show!

Jacob Aue Sobol I, Toyko and Sabine @ Yossi Milo Gallery
– Finally getting to see Jacob Aue Sobol’s work in person was amazing. His prints are perfection and the installation in the gallery makes a very smooth transition between the two very different bodies of work.

Sam Falls Nothing Is Revealed @ Higher Pictures

– Haven’t got a chance to see the Sam Falls exhibit yet but it is next on my list. His book Color Dyling Light is one of my recent favorites and I’m sure the exhibition is interesting to say the least. Also be sure to check out the collaborative show he recently did with Lucas Blalock on the Humble Arts site.

Lydia Panas The Mark of Abel @ Foley Gallery
– I first saw Lydia Panas’ work when she was one of the winners of the Conscientious Portfolio Competition. Her portraiture is quite beautiful and I’m very excited to see the show.


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