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Ripping Off Thomas Allen

Posted in design, photographers by Corey Presha on March 2, 2010

– Found this article on Thomas Allen’s blog through Lesley A. Martin on Twitter last night. The blatant plagiarism is worse than the ongoing Sze Tsung Leong/David Burdeny saga. I can’t believe a “creative” design team would possibly think they could get away with this, its truly pathetic. I like what Lesley had to say “I’m a fan of smart artists using appropriated imagery, but clumsy rip-offs of an artist’s style don’t count,” couldn’t agree more! Below is the the response to Thomas from the agency’s “creative” director.

Dear Mr. Allen,

Inspiration can come from anywhere. We were inspired by your technique just as you were inspired by the artists who painted the original pulp novel covers. So nobody is stealing anything from anybody. Think of all the executions that Andy Warhol’s lithograph technique has inspired. Or that celebrates Shepard Fairey’s style. Or Peter Beard’s. Or Barbara Kruger’s. Or Robert Indiana’s. The list goes on and on. Advertising routinely reflects the society around it and, as a result, what is popular.
Nobody was trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.


Andy Manson
SVP Creative Director


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  1. Shame « said, on March 3, 2010 at 4:21 pm

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