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Ofer Wolberger – Star Quality

Posted in books, photographers by Corey Presha on March 16, 2010

Ofer Wolberger just announced his first book Star Quality over on his blog. The book is the first in a series where he hopes to put out a new limited edition each month, continuing with his Photographic Project in a new interesting way. I just ordered my copy and if your interested I would act fast because the initial printing is only 50 copies. Horses Think is my favorite blog and Ofer is such a smart, dedicated photographer, I’m sure these books will be great and can’t wait to see what the next edition will be.

Each book will be completely different in content, style and size. I have no clue what the books will be until I make them, so each one is an experiment, for me making it and for you looking at it. The whole point is to work outside of my comfort zone and try new things. Some books will contain found or appropriated imagery, others will contain photographs exclusively made by me.
Although I can’t promise that you will love all the books in the series, I can promise that I will work my ass off to make each book unique and worth looking at.
I have printed 50 copies of this first book because that is what I could afford to do. It would have been lovely to print up 500 of these books but I would have been broke after only making the first one.
I have no idea how many of you will actually want a book nor do I have any idea how many people will want to sign up for a subscription. This is a total experiment in that regard.
If this first batch of books sells out quickly or if their is a high demand for the subscriptions, I am open to printing another 50 books for a total edition of 100. The rest of the books in the series would then continue with edition sizes of 100 books. I know this is a bit confusing and unorthodox but it’s the only way that makes sense to me.
Lastly, I figure it’s worth mentioning that I am not making and selling these books in order to make a profit. My only hopes and wishes are to break even, have fun, make books and of course share them with you.
I hope this all makes sense, but if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

© Ofer Wolberger


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