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Talking Heads – Remain In Light

Posted in music by Corey Presha on March 2, 2010

– I haven’t posted any music in a while, so I figured I’d post something from one of my favorite bands the Talking Heads. Remain In Light has become my favorite Heads record recently and I really can’t stop listening to it.

The members of Talking Heads wanted to make an album that dispelled notions of frontman and chief lyricist David Byrne leading a back-up band. They decided to experiment with African polyrhythms and, with Eno, recorded the instrumental tracks as a series of samples and loops, a novel idea at the time. Additional musicians were frequently used throughout the studio sessions. The lyric writing process slowed Remain in Light’s progress, but was concluded after Byrne drew inspiration from academic literature on Africa. The artwork was crafted with the help of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s computers and designing company M&Co.. Following the album’s completion, Talking Heads expanded to nine members for promotional concerts.


Ganglians – Monster Head Room

Posted in music by Corey Presha on September 20, 2009

– One of my favorite new bands, the best way I could describe them would be if Syd Barrett and Roky Erickson got together to jam with The Beach Boys at their most psychedelic. Absolutely great record, the vinyl came out on Weird Forest and the cd version is out on Woodsist.

Everytime I see these chaps play I come away with a big old grin on my world-weary face. How do they do it? Well it’s the lightheartedness in their playing … the angelic Wilson-esque vocal harmonies … then from out of nowhere come those West African guitar stylings! And yet I can never pin down this band’s sound … not that that’s a bad thing. In fact it’s always been a sure sign for me that the music’s doing something right. From the lazy day musings of To June to the monumental yarn Valient Brave. Jam this on your next road trip or on your back porch drinking an Arnold Palmer. This is a record for summertime if ever there was one. It’s pop music in the best sense of the word … paramount and perennial.

Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

Posted in music by Corey Presha on June 26, 2009


Posted in music by Corey Presha on May 29, 2009


Ducktails is Matt Mondanile from Ridgewood, New Jersey, and he uses old synths, tapes, guitars, and loops to create different styles of experi-tropical…sounds.

The Beach Boys – Wild Honey

Posted in music by Corey Presha on April 27, 2009

– Except for Pet Sounds this is my favorite Beach Boys album and since the weather got warm this weekend I figured I’d share it. This link is actually a bonus and you’ll get the Smiley Smile record as well. Enjoy!

Young Governor – Virginia Creeper 7″

Posted in music by Corey Presha on April 6, 2009



YOUNG GOVERNOR is Ben Cook (formerly of NO WARNING and VIOLENT MINDS), one-third of FUCKED UP’s guitar ensemble, and this is his debut solo record. The epitome of a workhorse, Ben has his hands full writing and recording for at least a half-dozen projects these days, including MARVELOUS DARLINGS, a crew of criminally underrated power-poppers, and the BITTERS, a band whose name you’ll recognize the next time you hear it bandied about, guaranteed. “Virginia Creeper” and “I’m a Mess” were laid down by the Governor at East End Reclusives, in Toronto, Canada, a dumpy practice space responsible for an impressive amount of recorded work in recent years. Although more pop-infused than the hardcore stylings of Ben’s present/past, Young Governor solo is arguably as raw and unpredictable as anything he’s done, if not more so. The needle-pegged, hyperactive pop of “Virginia Creeper” and “I’m a Mess” offer a glimpse of the Governor’s 2009 agenda, and frankly, teasers don’t get any better than this.